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Female children about what to furry, born with a good impression, from the cute little stuffed animal to a variety of single items, I could not help but look at all you want to touch! Especially in winter, I can’t wait to see that all clothes in the closet are a little bit hairy style, soft and comfortable, yet warm, and put on the body and feel that I am cute.


47e25e83953aa62777c54ccfe1f16c83 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


Today, follow me to see, “Hairy style” singles that become hot in winter, how to wear more fashionable? !!



Hairy Style 1:The clothes are all wool


Which fairy has no plush clothes in her wardrobe this winter?


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Needless to say, the warmth index, the upper body comes with temperature, soft and comfortable skin feeling, one touch is happiness, anyway, I am in love!


333b79972de1dc10eab82f241d071e36 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


Although the plush items are cute and warm, the heavy feeling is too bloated, and it is not easy for the slightly fat fairy to wear a fashionable feeling.


9d8458d8eec379ce84eec54ce3829a62 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


First of all, when choosing, you should avoid overly long styles. Long plush coats like this, even with the belt blessing, still look strong and not suitable for everyday wear.


14c9b61ef00e0f6c4ec63c6823a45009 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


Short, medium and long plush coats are very neat to match. Choose high-waisted bottoms and neutral style leather shoes, cute and handsome at the same time!


85e44e1015f816e0b574ea3c35b8fde4 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


In addition to the length of the single product, the length of the plush should also be grasped. It is too long and lush, and although the upper body is gorgeous and rich, it is huge and fat, and the fairy of the ordinary body should be cautious.


b3ea88349ad733fe29ae0c932ebcd953 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


You can try short and fine fluffy items, such as this year’s hot wool lamb is also suitable.


865a41f7d82af09c7d87a4aa750c73c6 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


If you want to reduce the thickness of the plush items, like this, it is very good to hit the color hemming and metal button embellishment.


8902ff648865549b35637c2232e189c0 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


All are furry style sweaters, full of loli fan, the loose version is more suitable for single wear, which is not afraid of cold with thermal underwear, the southern fairy can try.


74719ef0aabff3a6cd0d2d7ed2ca0cf0 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


The hippocampus sweater is gentle and intellectual, especially the light-colored model. It looks good whether it is worn inside or alone. The only disadvantage is that it is not thin, and the fairy of the upper body is still not to be tried.


ea80aed6e9e3b16fc4649fd6d12619aa This winter, "hairy style" is foul!



Hairy Style 2:A little hair


Plush items are cute, but the fat index does make many fairies “stay away”. We can try, adding plush elements to ordinary items, neckline, cuffs, and hats are all good choices, ensuring the original thin silhouette, and a little cuter.


f3bffd61f49c3dcac78efc6440a1179a This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


The neckline of the bread jacket is adorned with plush, and the stitching of different materials makes the three-dimensional sense of the ordinary coat very good, which can better modify the figure when worn.

96f23456229ec5de364ab388e85433b2 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


Long bread suits are no exception. The plush neckline that extends outwards can neutralize the fluffy feel of cotton clothes. It can also be changed to a collar design when it is afraid of cold outdoors.


a06e557d549c252e0fd0fd9d7ec0c9dd This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


In addition to the neckline, it is also common to add plush embellishments to the brim. At first glance, it is giant warmth, which is very suitable for northern fairies.


a71c58b49e35054a26888d04b7b10ef7 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


The fur coat I love is coexisting with handsomeness and soft adorableness. The contrasting color design makes the whole layer a little more layered and properly thin.


69a00d133e231e247fd0de65db84e260 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


With a gentle skirt, a huge fan!


e86f529f6373c94e084400fae1b3f947 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


Denim items and plush elements are also very good. There is a mix of retro girls and intellectual ladies. Cool and handsome coexist, except for the shortcoming of not being dirty!


d8a594ef8db886db390e676df3d7a791 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


Many items will add fluffy elements to the folder, and small changes will make the clothes bring the temperature without being heavy.


b2359245f9b7a83f3ae86ab4f3987470 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!



Hairy Style 3:Accessories with hair


If you are often outdoors, keep your ears warm. A hat with drooping earmuffs is perfect! It can be used with coats, down jackets and bread jackets.


7adaec5b4a88126d2ae42ac926f538ae This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


Plush baseball cap, both soft and cute, also handsome and cool in winter!


25ed2efa880b185b6e279fe675be04ec This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


I prefer the white model, which is clean and light and contrasts with the heavy winter clothes, which is easy and chic.


78136fc7d245a7d7519971b8952a3767 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


The plush fisherman hat, a popular player this winter, can casually look at the star street shooting, the trendy personal service, you can see its figure, did the fairy start? !!


e4ce01ec8984fe45e6661ad527840014 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


Compared to the long knitted apron, I love such a short and delicate plush bib. The comfortable skin is full of happiness, and the sweater is more refined and intellectual.


a108271d6df7e7503ae666121f93965b This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


Girls’ love of plush doesn’t stop there. Recently, furry shoes have become the love of many fairies.


72804d728afa279b0c91a04d681f8db3 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


Add a little hair to my feet to make them feel sweeter. I got a few pairs this winter. Although furry shoes are good-looking, the fatal drawback is that they are not resistant to dirt and water, and are not suitable for areas where it often rains and snows in winter.


7e3bf0235e07b92a40a4ddeff4c21fd1 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!


It is recommended that the fairies try a small amount of plush embellished winter shoes, and add fur to the inner layer, the edge of the hem, and the laces to ensure that the shoes are originally waterproof and stain-resistant, and have a soft and cute.


3be4560571e0203d32f1ae3fa960acd8 This winter, "hairy style" is foul!

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